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Finn and Ice Prince travel through the Spooky forest fighting through hoardes of monsters and traps. They eventually reach a Village in the Center of the Spooky forest. They look around for clues to the whereabouts of the Mystery Man Ash. But the town is quite literally a Ghost Town where ghosts go around living every day lives. But they all seem to be going in one direction and then turning every now and then to stay within the Village as if they were mindless drones tied down to the City. Every now and then Finn see's a ghost leave and come back with something like a jewel or a piece of food. Finn and Ice Prince don't find any clues so they decide to spend the night on the outskirts of the village under a spooky looking tree. They set up fort and sleep for the Night. But they are woken up to a jolt by the sound of screaming. They then look up to see a long slender grey skinned man sitting on a high up branch on the tree. Finn the realizes it is Ash Marceline's old boyfirend. He gets pissed off at him for what he did to Marceline and lectures him. Ice Prince only connects the dots before Finn does this is the Ash they were looking for. Finn and Ice Prince then talk to Ash about where the 5 Great Demons are and how much he knows about them. Ash say's he knows the whereabouts of one of them but it comes at a price. Ash wants his wand back it is apparently at the center of a Dungeon and Ash can't be bothered to get it himself. Finn agrees to the deal. Ash then tells them to meet at this tree tommorow at noon with the wand or no deal. Finn and Ice Prince immediatly set out for the dungeon. They go through the dungeon with ease only a few traps tripping them up. They then reach the center of the dungeon to find the Wand up on a pedestal. They go to get it but a ghost stops them in their tracks. The ghost is shown in an eeriy green light. The ghost tells them that he cannot let them get that wand. Finn confused ask's why? The ghost explains that the wand is used
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by Ash to control the people of the Ghost Town. The Ghost breaks down in tears but keeps on explaing it to them. The ghost explains that Ash is only sending them down here to get the wand because there is a barrier on this place keeping Ash out of it. Finn then ask's for the Ghost's name. The Ghost says that his name is Flick and all he wants is his Village to go back to the way it used to be. Finn then promises Flick that he will without a doubt restore his village to the way it used to be. Finn and Ice Prince then go up to meet with Ash. But on their way there Ice Prince expresses interest in fighting Ash. Ice Prince describing that he is not able to stand for what Ash has done to Flick. They then meet up with Ash and Ice Prince does not waste time. He has an incredible fight with Ash as Finn describes it. Ash using a spare wand a battle between Wizards. In the end Ice Prince prevails. Ash defeated then gets beaten up by Finn for information on the 5 Great Demons and to release the Villagers. Ash tells Finn that one of the 5 Great Demons is in the Fire Kingdom but Finn is still not done yet. Finn then punches Ash one last time saying as a final threat that if he ever finds out Ash did this to another Village he would seek Ash out and exact a much more severe punishment. Ash then dissapears into the night after being scared half to death by Finn. Finn and Ice Prince reunite Flick with his Village and gets ready to leave. But as a token of their Gratitude Flick gives them a Fire Protection potion saying that it is his Villages specialty and seeing as they are going to the Fire Kingdom. Finn thanks them for their help and leaves with Ice Prince lecturing him on his fight saying things he could do better next time.