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FInn and Ice Prince travel to the hear to the heart of the Spooky Forest in Search of the Village and the person named Ash. They fight through hoardes of monsters such as Spiders, Skeletons, and Why-Wolves. They finally reach a Village but it is literally a ghost town. In the Village ghosts are floating around through houses and bars and other assorted buildings. Finn try to talk to them but they don't take notice of him or Ice Prince. They are confused by this but decide to call it a day they spend the night sleeping outside the Village. But while they are sleeping they are woken up by a screeching sound. They both bolt awake they then turn around to see a man sitting on a tree branch above there heads. The man has long slender legs a black jacket and pair of pants and most noticably grey skin and white hair. Finn then recognises him it is Marceline's old boyfriend Ash. Finn angryly talks down to Ash about hurting Marceline. But Ash just does not take much notice to it. Ice Prince then connects the dots before Finn can this is the Ash they were looking for. Finn immediatly after hearing this ask's Ash about the whereabouts of the 5 Great Demons. Ash says he knows where one of the Great Demons is but then says they need to retrive something for him first. Ash says that they need to first retrieve his wand saying that it was hidden at the bottom of a Dungeon in the middle of the Spooky Forest by one of the Ghost Villagers. He then contninues to say that if they want the information they must meet him here at this tree tommorow at noon with his wand or they get no information. Finn and Ice Prince decide that the deal is worth it and then immediatly head out for the Dungeon. They get to th
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e Dungeon and go through it with ease defeating monsters going through traps and overall enjoying themselves. They Finally reach the Center of the Dungeon and get the wand but before they do a green ghost stops them. The ghost says that the wand should not be used by Ash exclaiming that Ash is an evil entity that enslaved all the Ghosts at the Village in a trance where they do anything and everything for him turning the Village into a Land with no Sound. The Ghost continues to say that he was the only one able to escape from Ashes influence. The ghost breaks down in tears Finn then pats the ghost on the back saying that it is going to be alright and that he is going to get Revenge on Ash for what he did to the Ghosts. Finn then leaves with Ice Prince to go and fight Ash. They meet up with Ash outside at the tree at noon. Ice Prince beforehand though explains to Finn that he wants to battle Ash by himself. Finn says that he would enjoy to see his apprentince beat up Ash and gives him the green light. They have a brief talk with Ash but it ends in Ice Prince fighting with Ash. The battle is short Ash toying around with Ice Prince but Ice prince catches Ash off gaurd and Knocks Ash out. When Ash wakes up Finn and Ice Prince intterogate him for information he finally lets it slip that one of the Great Demons is in the Fire Kingdom. Finn lets Ash go but only after Ash lets the ghost's out from his curse. Finn then beats Ash a little and tells him to never comeback to this Village or else. Finn and Ice Prince then headout on their long road to the Fire Kingdom. But as they leave the Spooky forest a pale green Flaming entity is seen watching them.