Finn, Ice Prince and Matthew enter the Fire Kingdom. They then each take up one third of the fire protection drink in there stomach they then deduce that they each have 2 weeks until it runs out and the natural atomsphere burns them to death. They all fairly injured retreat to a nearby town and spend a couple days there healing up and gathering information after the battle with the Wall Gaurds. Finn troubled by what Sin said now even more. Finn searches for any information and what that might mean. But no one in the Fire Kingdom recognizes him. He searches on and on for what it might mean not learning anything. The town then starts buzzing about something an execution interested on the matters of this Ice Prince goes to see what is going on here. Ice Prince travels through the town to the site of the execution and watches it, a man dies right before his eyes. Ice Prince wants to learn more on this matter and searches through the town for information on the reason for the execution. Ice Prince eventually finds the persons family and talks to them about it. The person who was killed was the husband. They tell Ice Prince he was Killed for standing up against the some soldiers that were abusing there power and forcing unfair taxes upon the people of the Village. Ice Prince is outraged remembering that this happend at his town to. So he decides to try and fix things. He goes in search of more proof to what the family said. Soon enough he finds a family being abused for money by the gaurds. Ice Prince stands up to them but is shuned upon by the gaurds and next thing he knows they are trying to kill him for treason. Ice Prince unable to control his anger is about to lash out. But he see's the looks of the family's around him. If he lashes out they will be caught up in it to and he does not want that at all. So Ice Prince simply lets them bash him up to their hearts content and then eventually they get bored and leave. Ice Prince goes back and meets up with Matthew and Finn for Dinner. Matthew then starts to look around for clues to the whereabouts of the Great Demon he goes around talking to Villagers but they have know idea what he is talking about and blow him off. He then decides to interrogate gaurds on information but in the end he is just threatend by them. Matthew then leaves the gaurds be but they decide they want to hurt him for questioning them. They attack Matthew but he simply uses his cloud clones to escape and lives them where they are. Matthew is then stopped by someone who oversaw what went on and decides that he wants to talk to him. Matthew seeing this chance as to good to miss talks to him. The bystander explains to him that no one knows where the Great Demon is and no one knows who exactly he is. A lot of people interested are pointing fingers at the Fire Kingdom royalty but there is no solid proof that it is them. He contniues to explain that there is someone who knows more then him on the matter and points Matthew in that Direction. Matthew thanks him and goes to tell Finn and Ice Prine about it. The group then decides to go meet up  with the person. Who Finn soon recognizes as Flambo but an older taller version. Finn and Flambo catch up a little but before Finn has time to ask Flambo the question Matthew interrupts and gets right down to buisness. Flambo explains to them their Milatary Government hierarchy. There are 20 Fire Infantry squads each Squad has 40 Soldiers or Gaurds they patrol the streets and do the menial labour task's. There are then the F.I.P.G (Fire Infantry Personal Gaurds) for each squad there are 2 but they are only the Personal Gaurds of the F.I.L (Fire Infantry Leaders). Each Leader is given a squad and personal gaurds the F.I.L are only involved in extremely severe situations with the gonverment but often have the F.I.P.G do there paper work and menial tasks. Then above them are the F.I.G (Fire Infantry Generals) there are three F.I.G in the entire army each one controlling immense strength to give a perspective. One F.I.P.G is equal to the entire Wall Gaurd squad, One F.I.L is equal to the entire F.I.P.G Squad in power, and a F.I.G is equal to all of the F.I.L's combined strength. But that is only roughly there power says Flambo. He then continue to explains to them that the government is corrupt gaurds abues there power the poor are used as livestock for cash and the Fire Infantry gets away with anything because they are the Government they are the Law. Fight the Fire Infantry is fighting the Fire Kingdom. Flambo continues to say that the Great Demon is Smart on all borders he somehow has control over the Fire Infantry and has control over the flow of Cash. The only person able to overpower them in influence would be the Fire King but he has long since retired leaving the Queen to rule.

Then during their conversation Flambo is killed a white hot spear goes right through his chest. The Killer was a F.I.P.G she then engages the group in Combat. But the group is over powered by her. She does not recognize any of them and decides they are trash that needs to die for the better of the Kingdom. The Battle continues but she is overpowered when they combine their powers to perform a new technique called "Stardust Slash" where Finn sends out his Astral Boost Slice and Matthew condenses it's power with the cloud gem while he sharpens it with the Wind Gem and Ice Prince causes friction through spinning ice around it and fuses ice with the slash. She is killed but is soom replaced by the another F.I.P.G and another F.I.P.G. The team keeps up though and tries to fight but they are getting overpowered. Finn gets really angry because of Flambo's death and his anger only builds during the fight. Finn then condenses all his strength in one Astral Boost Slash and defeats another F.I.P.G. Finn then faints from exhaustion. Ice Prince and Matthew continue to fight on though against the other F.I.P.G but it seem's hopeless the power difference is to great. But when the F.I.P.G realizes that his two comrades are dead he lashes out revealing their names in the process the Girl Aiko the Boy Firus. He vows to avenge them and fights a lot harder but a lot more recklessly using up a lot of his magic energy in shooting out large bursts of fire. He then decides to give up when he is out of magic energy and Matthew and Ice Prince are just barely holding on to there last bit of Magic Energy. He then escapes but vowing revenge promises his return. Ice Prince and Matthew get Finn and run off to the nearby Village and spend the next day Recovering even though they are not fully recovered. They then check the time realising it is the Friday of the First week. Matthew then goes out and seaches for someone to teach them in combat but he can't find anyone asking around. He then see's some tournament flyers and decides to participate. He enter the tournament but is unable to find anyone worth teaching him all of them seeming pretty week until the quarter-finals. He faces off against someone who he is not able to even touch. The person is a Girl of the age 27 at least to Matthew's guessing. He clearely loses and gives up she then wins it easily. After the tournament he finds her and talks to her about being taught how to fight like her. She denies and tells him to go home. He then confesses what he is doing here thinking that it is the last thing to do. She then excepts and says that he will be taught under the strictest conditions. Matthew then ask's her name she replies Mackenzie Fire Drake is her namehe then aks her if she will also teach his Friends Finn and Ice Prince. She asks if they have the same goal. He Replies they were the one's who dragged him into it. She agrees and tells him to meet her tommorow morning with their friends if they want to train. They spend the next day training their magic energy and how to deal with Fire Magic But Finn as soon as he see's her something triggers inside of him and he starts to remember little and little more during training. She catches on and ask's him what is wrong he replies with what Sin said and how he remembers red hair and burned skin. She replies go check the Palace tommorow but be undercover. "You may know someone their." The next day comes around and he adventure of in search of the Palace. It does not take long to find. He searches the castle for clues and then he finds it the thing that triggers it all.

Red scorching hair. Finn see's the queen for a moment and then remembers it all Flame Princess he remembers her he remembers how he dated her but abandoned her after jake's death and forgot about her repressing her in his depression. She looks like herself but Finn's age 20. He then decides he has to talk to her and Immediatly follow's her until she is in privacy. He is drops down and talks to her. She recognizes him off the bat and is enraged she goes ballistic attacking him. They have a short fight but he can't fight her. She then decides to keep her calm and that he is not worth her time. She then sends for two F.I.L's they immediatly enter the room as she leaves. He engages in comabt with them both guys. He is cornered and things then go from bad to worse. The F.I.P.G that vowed revenge come's back and joins in on the fight. Finn struggles desperately with them. His emotions hit the roof but he can't beat them he can't win against this power. Then out of nowhere Mackenzie comes in and fights with the enemies. She beats them down and tell's Finn to go after her. Finn leaves Mackenzie to it and runs after Flames Queen. He eventually catches up to her but she has nothing to say to him completely enraged with him. But Finn pushes through and tells her how much he is missing her right now and how he still loves her. She then unable to accept the truth attacks him with all her might. He fights with her but is not even trying to hurt her just defend himself. He keeps on trying to get to her but it does not work he eventually on the break of tears drops his sword. She runs up to kill him but all he does is walk forward. She stabs her arm right through his stomach and Finn hugs her crying telling her how much he loves her and slumps to the ground on the brink of death. Flame Princess breaks out in tears over Finn's body. She then orders medics to come and heal him. Shortly he is being slowly healed but the wound is to deep and he is in too much shock from the pain. Eventually some staff come and heal him but he is still extremely weakend by it. He then lays in bed for the next 3 days under intensive care. But many of the Fire Infantry swear to kill him and his Teacher Mackenzie for what they did to the Army. During the time Finn is out Matthew and Ice Prince train under Mackenzie in the palace. Flame Queen extremely caring. During Finn's time out he is visited by Sin who he has a long conversation with. Sin taunts Finn for a while but Finn to weak to move just lies there and listens. Sin then tell's Finn that the Great Demon may be closer then you think and leaves. Finn instant suspects Flam Queen but he is torn. Finn once healed searches for the Great Demon but is unable to find him or her. Flame Queen has a meeting later that day with the F.I.G's in the main palace room. Finn hides out in the shafts listening. The 3 F.I.G's are a girl that looks like she was born into nobility and acts completely up herself. Then their is a male that looks like he has schizophrenia and then their is the final one an Old Man who looks very calm and controlled. Finn listens in and suspects the women of being the Great Demon but is still unable to figure it out. He then deciees to think on it over training and talk it over with Ice Prince and Matthew. Finn talks it over with them later that night. Matthew convinced it is the Nobility women and Ice Prince to then decide with Finn to ambush her interogate her and take her out.

They go meet up with her and she reveals herself as the Great Demon saying that they won't live to tell anyone. She then battle's with them but the power difference is pretty clear but it starts to shorten as the fight goes on. Mackenzie then joins in and they start to win pushing her back to the edge with the combined power of their group and then out of nowhere. The Schizophrenic F.I.G joins in and Kill's Mackenzie saving the noble one's life there names are then revealed to be Florida Burn Cliff and Defial Heartfire. Defial then sends for the entire F.I.L squad in a matter of second's they are surronded. Matthew takes control of the situation though using Cloud clones to even the odd's he then takes out the F.I.L's but is exhausted afterwards and falls to the ground just barely being held up by Finn. Defial then sends Florida into the throne room to recover with the other F.I.G Pyro Caven Fire. He then decides to take them on in combat drawing a staff. Ice Prince and Finn have trouble at first but Flame Queen intervines and takes him on 1v1. Ice Prince and Finn run on to battle with the Great Demon Florida and Pyro. They enter the room to find a fully healed Florida and Pyro sitting on the Throne telling Florida commands. Ice Prince and Finn battle with Florida one last time but they seem to get nowhere. Beaten and weary Finn and Ice Prince are out of tricks and unable to do anything else at their physical limit's but then it awakens from Finn with the Rightous Jewel. His anger towards Florida for the death of his master and the torture of Flame Queen and the Fire Kingdom. Ice Prince also decides to take revenge for what he saw when he first got here but not with the same reaction. Finn unlocks "Rightous Bind". His Soul of rightousness turns his skin to a slight gold tint colour. His eyes glow Red with power and fury. He attacks Florida with all his power and is able to fight on par with her by himself. He then unleashes "Rightous Slash" the previous dark blue "Astral Slash" replaced by a large Golden Slash. He uses a flurry of upgraded moves from before and defeats Florida about to kill her but sparing her life but leaving her unconcious. He then thinking he has defeated the Great Demon is attacked by Pyro and hurt severly in the Process. Pyro reveals that he is the Great Demon of Fire and say's that he is going to take over the Fire Kingdom and the rest of Ooo. Finn weakend and unable to move lays there but he starts to slowly charge his power from the Rightous Souls of his comrades fighting. Ice Prince engages Pyro in combat in the meantime. It is a one sided beatdown though and he is unable to do much. Flame Queen then comes in having defeated Defial and decides to join the battle with Ice Prince. They are then beaten back and the jewel from Flame Queens forehead is ripped off. Pyro revelaing it to be the Rightous Jewel of Fire. Flame Queen and Ice Prince are then beaten down and knocked out. Pyro gets ready to kill Finn and then Matthew steps in. Matthew takes on Pyro 1v1 in an all out battle he tries his hardest almost all of his energy drained from defeating all 20 F.I.L's. Matthew keeps on going though desperately fighting harder but it makes no difference he can't do anything. Finn then gets up he is ready to fight once more. Him and Matthew both take on Pyro now. The Battle goes on for quit sometime going back and forth but Matthew and Finn are beaten back in the end. Out of energy, out of luck and out of tricks Finn and Matthew are ready to die when help comes from the most unexpected Person. Lady Rainacorn storms in with the entire Candy Kingdom amry backing her and that is not all. People from the Ice kingdom show up to help them in combat to including Drew. But they are also beaten back slowly by the entire Fire Infantry. Matthew and Finn both get up though unable to except defeat they have Lady Rainacorn transfer energy over to them from herself. Lady Rainacorn faints having used up all her Energy. Finn and Matthew engage Pyro in comabt once more Finn almost fainting picks himself back up and keeps on going. They then pull through defeating Pyro in an all out Battle to the end Killing the First Great Demon and saving the Fire Kingdom from his influence.