Revival of a Hero is the shortest arc considering it is one chpater long. During this arc a depressed Finn get
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s a visitor which he very rarely gets. It turns out to be Marceline she tells him that ever since he left Ooo has been put into a stressful situation Princesses being stolen for control over their respective territories. Marceline explains that 5 Great Demons have been doing this each one controlling a 10th to a 3rd of Ooo. He is only moved slightly though his mind warped from years on isolation from the world so he tells her to go find someone else to do the job. But she insists that he does it and end up staying the night at his house. During the night she is attacked by someone called Sin. Marceline and Sin fight briefly but the difference in strength is all to clear Marceline is beaten to a pulp. But Finn intervines halfway through the fight. But it gives the same results he is completely unable to do anything to Sin. Sin then explains to Finn that all of his power is gathered energy from the sin's commited by people in Ooo and because of the increase in destruction and distress in Ooo the amount of sins commited each day has more then doubled. Sin then teleports out with Marceline leaving Finn beaten in broken in his destroyed house. He Cries for the rest of the night the loss of Marceline and Jake to great for his mind to bear. But this gives him the kick in the head he needed to start his journey. The next morning he puts on his normal clothes takes the family sword and puts on his hat at the end saying that it's "Adventure Time".