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Finn and Ice prince in search of thiss mystery man asking for anyone with a Rightous jewel to battle them. They Explore for 3 days straight until they happen upon a small town in the plains. They enter asking for clues on the whereabouts of this person no one seems to pay attention to them or more they seem to be avoiding Finn and Ice prince. They conclude that it is best for them to sleep it off. They continue there search for clues until they happen upon a funny piece of paper. It is an invitation to a fighting tournament with two seats. They decide that they might find something there and go to the tournament. The battle end up being something like the wizard battle people fighting over a prize in one big battle royale. But this time the prize is something much bigger then a kiss it is a rightous jewel itself and not just any rightoues jewel it is the Rightoues Jewel of Wind. The stage is set and the contestants begin their battle. But the tournament is finished in seconds by a red headed guy that goes by the name of Matthew. During the battle he only uses his fists but he uses them in a very orderly consistant matter. He then takes the jewel and leaves the arena. Finn and Ice Prince have a quick discussion and come to the consenses that Matthew must be their target. After the tournament is over they chase after him. They are lead outside the Village and into the plains then when they finally catch up to him he turns around attacks Finn with supersonic wind. Finn is sent flying back crashing into the ground. Finn gets up and starts to talk to Matthew. But Matthew explains to Finn that the jewels are needed for and important ceremony requiring all ten Jewels. Matthew then brings out of his bag another rightoues jewel the Jewel of Clouds. Matthew continues to explain that he is a Jewel Hunter and Happening upon two of the Rightous Jewels is an opportunity he could not miss out on. Explaing that is why he lead them out here, A fight ensues between Ice Prince,Finn and Matthew. But Matthew Overwhelms them the combination of Clouds and Wind causing the confusion of their minds on where they are and what is happening they press on though but they are both wasted completely by Matthew. At the end of the fight Ice Prince is knocked out but Finn is stil conscous Finn then gets up and runs at Matthew but while he is running he sees a faded image of a smaller red head standing next to Matthew pulling on his long pants. Finn then passes out. They then wake up in a cavern together but something smells strange it turns out an old lady from the Village was nursing them back to health from their fight but both of their Jewels were stolen. Finn and Ice Prince Determined to get back at Matthew immediatly set out to have a rematch but the old lady does not let them leave. She then explains to them that they are far from reaching Matthews strength but she plans on getting them to his strength in 3 days. Confused they both ask how but she then explains to them that everyone has a certain amount of magic within themselves and that they each have some inside themselves. She then explains that the type of magic is broken up into 4 different categories Rightous, Elemental, Sin, and Converter. She tells Finn that he is a Rightous type and that Ice Prince is an Elemental type. She then continues to explain that they can turn their type of magic inside their body's into whatever they want as long as it is in the limits of reality. They each decide that they want to learn one technique each then they can beat Matthew. She agrees with them and the Training ensues. They each train Finn learning
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how to project rightous energy into people allowing him to help them and make them happy or to crush them from the inside out. While Ice Prince learns to make a Blizzard. Once they finish their training they continue their journey searching for Matthew. They Don't get any clues until a familiar face shows up the Duke of Nuts. He heard about what happend to them from a passing stranger through the town who boasted about being unbeatable. The Duke then continues to say the stranger went towards "The Whole near the Center of the World". They go towards that Direction in search of Matthew. They end up catching up with him before he reaches "The Whole near the Center of the World". He looks at them in shock thinking that they had died. They have a quick little discussion about the Jewels and a fight soon ensues. Finn says that he is enough in the battle against Matthew. He has a long battle with matthew but end it off by projecting his mind into Matthews mind using the technique the old lady had taught him. Finn expects it to destroy Matthew fromt the inside out but instead he is let into Matthews mind. He is shot around through Matthews memories seeing glimpses of each month each year. But for a brief moment he see's a kid wiht blonde hair such as himself and Matthew as a kid playing around in a forest. He is then shot out of Matthews head. Finn and Matthew both sitting on the floor looking at eachotehr for a moment steam coming from their heads. Matthew is then enraged and tells Finn to leave him alone. Matthew then throws the Rightous Sword and the Jewel of Ice to Finn. But Finn does not let it end their he Continues to talk to Matthew asking him questions about the 5 Great Demons. Matthew tells him that he only knows that their is a man by the name of Ash who may no a thing or to about it. He then Points them in the Direction of the Spooky Forest Saying that he should be in a town towards the center of the forest.