On their long road to the Fire Kingdom Finn and Ice Prince stop of in a town to rest for the Night. In the town they see a flyer going around about a Magical Show. Finn and Ice Prince decide to stay for the show the next day seeing as everyone in the Village is talking about it non-stop. Then during the Magic show Finn and Ice Prince really enjoy themselves but both agree that their is something familiar abou this magic. After the show they then see non-other then Matthew leaving the stage in the same outfit as the magician they connect the dots. Finn and Ice Prince then catch up to him and have a quick chat they then ask if he wants to have Dinner with them. Dinner turns out to be some sandwiches around a Camp fire. Matthew explains that after their battle he decided to stop Adventuring for a bit and provide a little for the people of the Desert. He then decided that the Rightous Jewel of Clouds would be great for a magic show and has put one on every week for the past 4 weeks. Finn then tells him about Ash and what happend their. Ice Prince boasting about his fight with Ash and how he won. They then finally tell him about the Fire Kingdom and how one of 5 Great Demons is supposed to be their. Finn seeing Matthew as a changed person ask's him to help them on their journey saying they could really use his power. But Matthew turns him down saying that he has "Internal Affairs" to deal with. Finn and Ice Prince then leave and go to sleep a little outside town. But they are woken up to the sound of an explosion they gear up and run to the location of the sound. As the dust clears they start to see to figures. They recognise Matthew and he is bleeding and injured all around. Matthew looks at them and tells them to run but Finn and Ice Prince decide to help in the fight. As the dust clears the other figure becomes recognizable. Finn breaks out in a cold sweat as he recognises who it is. Sin! Finn rushes out in blind rage attacking Sin. As Finn does this Sin taunts him saying Marceline is doing just fine right about now she is having a great discussion with his fellow aquatinces right about now. An all out 3v1 breaks out but their is an all to clear difference in strength. Sin is just to strong they are not even able to touch him. Sin mainly focuses on Matthew though with a very strong Killing intent. Sin then stops fighting and say's it is not worth his time he can kill Matthew anytime he wants for his treachoury. He then looks at Finn and says a can't wait to see the look on Marcelines face when I torture her today. Finn freaks out attacking Sin one more time. Sin dodges all of Finn attacks and says "Oh piece of advice since your going to the Fire Kingdom don't forget past relationships. Sin then fades away into the Night sky. Finn and Ice Prince then beg Matthew to join them on their Journey to the Fire Kingdom and inside it. Matthew then says that since his "Internal Affairs" are dealt with for now he can come with them just temporarily though. Finn, Ice Prince and Matthew then leave for the Fire Kingdom the following morning.