Ice Kingdom
Finn wanders off into the Ice Kingdom and immediatly heads straight for the Ice King's palace. When Finn arrives at the Ice King's Palace he is suprised to find no one there. The Place look's abandoned but Finn think's Ice King is somewhere in the Palce so he search's around. Finn finally finds something the Ice King's old Drum kit. Finn is then attacked by who he soon finds out to be is Ice Prince the son of the Ice King. Finn and Ice Prince stop fighting and have a long disscussion. Ice Prince explains to Finn that he though that Finn was a soldier of the "New" Ice King who Ice Prince describes as a tyrant who will do anything for power over the Ice Kingdom. Finn then decides that meeting up with this "New" Ice King would be the best option for finding clues to where the 5 Great Demons are. Ice Prince decides to help him out and they set up a trap where Ice Prince will meet up with one of the "New" Ice King's henchmen. They rest for the night but as morning comes they head out to meet up with one of the Ice King's henchmen. Finn stays behind watching from a distance while Ice Prince meets up with this soldier on top of a glacier. After a discussion
Human marshall lee and ice prince by boggsart-d5ikffw
with the Henchmen Ice Prince gets aggrovated and lashes out attacking the henchmen. But Ice Prince is easily beaten but before things get out of hand Finn steps in. Finn has a brief fight with the henchmen who is revealed to be a failed experiment of the "Former" Ice King named Drew. Drew expresses hatred towards the "Former" Ice King and then traps Finn in a Collapsing Glacier as he escapes. Finn just barely makes it out alive and stumbles onto land and then faints. Finn then wakes up with a note and a Jewel. The Note explains that the Jewel is one of 10 Rightous Jewels scattered throughout Ooo. It also explains where Ice Prince was taken and that the "New" Ice King has a Rightous Jewel also. The Note finally tells Finn about his Jewel and how to use it saying that the Jewel is the jewel of rightousness only being able to be used by a Rightous Hero on a Rightous quest. Finn then Merges the Jewel with the hilt of his sword and heads out to the Ice King's lair which is supposedly in the middle of a dungeon. Finn Enters the Dungeon and fights his way through Ice elementals using a new technique he learned called Astral Slice. Finn reaches the room before the Throne Room and encounters Drew. They have a long fight where it is revealed that Drew killed the "Former" Ice King out of hatred for what the "Former" Ice King did to him. Finn then lashes out and defeats Drew using a technique he invented during the middle of the fight called Astral Blitz. Finn then enters the Throne Room to find that the Ice King was sucking the life out of Ice Prince for energy. The Ice King and Finn engage in a long fight where Ice King beats down Finn using the power of the Rightous Jewel of Ice which was Imbeded into his body. Finn's refusal to lose for the Rightous quest causes the RIghtous Jewel to react causing Finn's family sword to transform into the Sword of Rightousness. Finn also goes into a state reffered to the Ice King as rightous Boost. Finn then beats the Ice King rips the Jewel out of the Ice King's stomach and takes Ice Prince with him to a neighboruing Village. Finn and Ice Prince stay at the town for awhile letting Finn and Ice Prince both recover from the recent set of events. Finn tells Ice Prince about the quest against the 5 Great Demons. After Finn finishes explaing Ice Prince expresses that he wants to join Finn on his journey and wants Finn to become his mentor. Finn lets Ice Prince join and then gives Ice Prince the Jewel of Ice. They then buy sleeping bags and a backpack for Ice Prince with Ice Princes money and headout to the Candy Kingdom Finn hoping to see Princess Bubblegum again.