Castle gates

Finn, Ice Prince and Matthew travel to the Fire Kingdom through Citys, Towns, Plains, and Caves. They then arrive in a Village for the night on the other end of a long cave pass. They spend the night their but Finn has trouble sleeping something seem's to be bothering him about what Sin said but he cannot figure out what it is. They decide to spend sometime in the more time in the town to stock up on supplys. Matthew and Ice Prince ask Finn what is bothering him but he does not know exactly either so he just says that it is nothing and changes the topic. During there time in the Town Matthew mentions something to Finn and Ice Prince that they both did not know about. To enter the fire kingdom you have to take a test. The test is apparently supposed to be a 3 part test to prove how evil you are and whether the Fire Kingdom needs you or not. But the test is a once a year exam that only 10 people pass each time as described by Matthew. But it is described as an evil tester so Finn reject that Idea because it breaks his Hero code. Finn then suggests that there must be another way. Matthew tells Finn that there are only two other options. Storming the Walls of the Fire Kingdom which would most likely end up in them being killed or sneaking in. Finn suggests that they dig under and then come up. Matthew rejects that idea saying that the would be melted from the heat under the surface of the Flame Kingdom. Ice Prince then suggests going over the walls through air transportation and being dropped in. Matthew denies that also saying that they would get burned up by the extremely active volcanoes. they both scratch their heads but Finn comes up with disguising themselves as troops and sneaking in. Matthew says that idea may work but if they got caught they would deffinitly get killed. They then decide to travel to the town located right outside the gates neighbouring their current town and holding residents of the Fire Kingdom that were kicked out. The arrive in the town and then decide to take out a small troop of gaurds and still their armor. Their plan goes through perfectly they then walk over to the Walls. But seeing the walls makes Finn and Ice Prince start to freak out. A huge wall gaurded by thousands of troops colored with red and orange shades making the wall look on fire. After the initial shock they travel to the Fire Kingdom's wall's outpost. They sneak in and find a path that leads to the inside of the Fire kingdom. They all decide this is the best option but on their way down the path they are questioned by some gaurds. The intensity of the heat in the room starts to ratchet up slowly. But as they reach the wall that leads to the Fire kingdom they are blocked by 2 Gaurds. But they look different to the other gaurds one of them is dressed in lighter armor while the other is Dressed in heavier armor. They both have sword handles strapped to their hips but with no blade. The gaurds take one look and say they are not Fire Kingdom gaurds and attack them. They have a brief fight and then talk. Matthew then explains to Finn and Ice Prince that these are not just any Gaurds they are part of 7 Wall Pillars Troop. They are the main reason no one breaks in or sneaks in to the Fire Kingdom. Finn then shows excitment and engages them in battle the Swords hilts are used to gather fire and keep it attached to something while the blade is a manifestation of fire magic used by the Gaurds. Finn struggles with them even with the aid of Matthew and Ice Prince during the middle of the fight they all trade names the gaurds wanting to know the names of those they killed. The gaurd's names turn out to be Bombus and Firil for the Heavy one and the Light one. But in the end Finn, Ice Prince and Matthew prevail all coming out fo the fight severly wounded though. They then walk through the doors and enter the Fire Kingdom.