Finn the Human is the main protagonist of the story going on a quest to save Ooo from the 5 Great Demons. He goes through a lot of emotional ordials throughout this story molding his charachter even further (These Ordials are up for suggestions at the moment so comment ont this page if you have some ideas and if they are good they will be added)


Finn's has been through many trials prior to the story his greatest being the death of his closest friend since childhood jake. This experience caused Finn to experience a great amount of pain and depression. It was so great it took 6 years for him to recover, but the topic still depresses him to this day. Finn then had a visit from "Marceline" telling him about how the land of Ooo has changed since he dissapeard. While he was missing in action the land of Ooo was open for attack from monsters, villians and demons. So the 5 strongest entities of evil decided to take advantage of this situation by taking control of the Ooo. They accomplish this feat through stealing princesses and taking over their respective kingdom. "Marceline" urges Finn to help her rescue the princesses and put a stop to the 5 Great Demons. But Finn is to depressed to do so and simply asks her to go find someone else. But after an attack from on of the Demons strongest minions Sin and the loss of Marceline to him Finn decides to take up the quest and adventure through the land of Ooo stopping the 5 Great Demons and restoring order to Ooo. His first stop the Ice kingdom going there to talk to the Ice king to see what he knows about this. But he sooAn finds out the Ice king is dead but left in his place is an Ice Prince. After a long confusing discussion with Ice Prince who turns out to be 6, Finn decides to take Ice Prince under his wing as his apprentice. Finn and Ice prince then go to a nearby Village in the Ice Kingdom housing some of it's last loyal residents. FInn and Ice Prince train there and run around doing errands for the Village. Then Finn finds out about the internal conflict with Ice Prince and the new Ice King. Finn learns that the Ice Prince is being used for his royal blood by the new Ice King. Finn wants to investigate so he sets up a talk with Ice Prince on of the Ice Kings Liutenants. After a discussion with Ice Prince and the Liutenant a fight breaks out between the two. When it looks like Ice Prince is losing Finn steps in and fights the Liutenant. The Liutenants name turns out to be Drew a 22 year old Ice Kingdom experiment. He turns out to be a failed experiment of the previous Ice King. He know seeks revenge against the family. After a quick battle with Finn he traps Finn in the center of a collapsing Glacier. Drew then takes Ice Prince to the Ice King. Finn survives the glacier and goes to the village meeting with an elder and learning about the 10 Rightoues jewels. He then obtains one of these jewels the Jewel Of rightousness embeding it into the hilt of his sword causing the hilt to turn into a golden baj color. He continues his journey to the palace of the Ice King which has been transformed into a dungeon. He goes throught the dungeon going through many trials such as regenerating Ice elementals and an ice maze. He soon encounters Drew and his a long rematch with him in the room before the throne room. It is a long dragged out fight but Finn prevails and Defeats Drew. Finn then enter the throne room finding Ice prince's blood being sucked out of him by a machine with the Ice King watching a fight ensues. Finn fights with the Ice King finding out that another jewel of rightousness is fused into his body. The Battle goes on for awhile but Finn is beaten down his energy drained fromt he fight with Drew. But his jewel of Rightousness reacts to his rightous soul, this causes the sword to change becoming more tightly contained and Golden all around with slight shade variations on the hilt and such. The Newfound sword of rightousness as Finn calls it allows him to prevail in his fight with Ice King. He saves Ice Prince from the machine and makes it out. He then Travels to the town and rests their for awhile. While they are their Finn tells Ice Prince about his quest and the 5 Great Demons. After hearing this Ice Prince decided to help Finn out on his quest even though he is young he has much more of a clear head then Finn. They then journey off to the Candy Kingdom to see what has gone on in Finn's absence. (That is all for now


Finn has only a few abilities at this point in the story they consist of.

Astral Slice: Finn shoots out a golden slash from his blade that can travel for about 5 metres it then fades away after that point.

Astral Blitz: This move is a combination of Astral slice and spinning where Finn spins around shooting out astral slices in large quantities but each one packing less of a punch. This allows the astral slices to go a longer distance from the added in speed from the spin and allows him to attack a large area. He uses this technique to defeat Drew

Rightous Soul: This ability allows Finn to fight longer and harder against enemies deemed as villains in the eyes of the Jewel of Rightousness. Giving him boosts in strength and so on but the stronger version of this is Rightous Boost.

Rightous Boost: This ability has only been used once against the Ice King it gives Finn 2x boost in all of his physical abilitys allowing him to fight at his full potential.