Candy kingdom
Finn and Ice Prince arrive in the candy kingdom to find the place is in a state of disrought. The entire kingdom is being torn down by monsters of all kinds wolves, elementals, and other mythical creatures. They then rush their way to the frontline taking down any and every monster on their way to the gates. The gates to the candy kingdom are shut tight but ice prince uses the rightous jewel of the ice kingdom to bring them up and over the walls and into the candy kingdom. They walk through the city seeing the choas of the kingdom. Buildings are being torn down people are stealing from eachother and their is fighting in the streets. They make their way to the palace and enter. They soon find out that Princess Bubblegum has been kidnapped by Sin and ever since then the Kingdom has started to deteriate. But Finn and Ice Prince are still confused why is a war being fought then. They spend the rest of the day looking for clues around the palace. They can't find anything but then a familiar face shows up Lady Rainacorn. She explains that the Earl of Lemongarb has taken over and has turned the Candy Kingdom into a nation of war oppressing every village and house around it. She continues by saying that the monsters outside are just fellow villagers from villages surronding the Candy Kingdom. After hearing this Finn is really mad and busts his way to the throne room fighting his way through soldiers of the Candy Kingdom. When he enters the Throne room he begins a battle with the Earl of lemongarb. It is brief but it is clear that Finn has the advantage. The Earl of Lemongarb surrenders his throne to Finn. But Finn then crowns Lady Rainacorn the Queen of the Candy Kingdom. Meanwhile Ice Prince has been outside on the warfront confronting the villagers about why there Villages were attack at first they don't trust Ice Prince or believe him and begin focusing their attacks on him. But then the Duke of Nuts steps in and explains to th
Megadrivesonic lady-rainicorn
em that Ice Prince is right and all they can do for now is have faith in the future. Lady Rainacorn then gives a speech from the top of the Candy Kingdom to everyone inside it and around it explaining that things ar going to change. She continues by saying that she plans on helping the people of the Candy Kingdom and the Villages surronding it through these hard times. After the Speech Finn talks to Lady Rainacorn about the 5 Great Demons and where he would go to locate them. She tells him that there is someone going around the Verdant Plains causing havoc and asking for anyone with a rightous jewel to battle them. While she says this she expresses to Finn that she has no idea what this Jewels are that this eprson is talking about. She then gives Finn and Ice Prince food and clothes and sets them off in that Direction.