Finn and Ice Prine on their Journey to the Fire Kingdom pass through the Desert. During their Journey in the Desert the arrive at a town and spend the night their. In the town however their are posters going around about a magic show and all the villagers are talking about it. Finn and Ice Prince decide to check it out. They stay the day at the village as they stay the vilage seems to be one of the few places not affected by the 5 Great Demons. They watch the magic show but during it something is wrong something is just not computing something about the magic seems familiar as described by Finn. They then find out that the magician is none other then Matthew. They talk to Matthew after the show telling him about Ash and their experience with him. Matthew during their conversation tells them that after their battle he decided to take a break and spend time at the Village performing magic shows. Finn. Ice Prince and Matthew get along really well and Finn then approaches Matthew asking him about helping them on their quest. Matthew turns it down saying that he has other matters to attend to. Finn and Ice Prince then spend the night at the Village again. But they are woken up with a jolt by the sound of and explosion. They rush outside putting on their gear to find out that Matthew is fighting someone and losing? Matthew then looks at them and tells them to leave. Finn and Ice Prince don't comply though instead they end up Fighting alongside Matthew. As the dust clears a Pale green Flaming figure slowely walks out. Finn then breaks down in a cold sweat realizing who it is. The fighter is none other then Sin. Sin looks at Finn and tells him Marceline and the other Princesses are doing just fine right about now. Finn then Lashes out freaking out attacking Sin with rage. Sin laughes easily dodging the attacks and kicks Finn to the side saying that Finn is only half the reason he is here. Sin then looks at Matthew saying that he plans on tearing him apart for betraying the 5 Great Demons. Matthew, Ice Prince, and Finn continue to battle with Sin but they seem to be getting nowhere no one is even abel to touch Sin. Sin then decides that he is going to defeat Matthew someother time. He then looks at Finn and says that he should not forget past relationships it may be the death of him. Sin then laughes and dissapears into the night. Finn and Ice Prince treat Matthew's wounds now begging him to come with them to the Fire Kingdom. Matthew finally agrees saying that he is in debt to them and has to get his revenge on Sin for shaming him like this.